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I Have an Addiction

March 19, 2010

I’m addicted … to fonts.

Isn’t everyone?

No? Oh well, one can hope.

Seriously though,  I will be riding in the car looking at billboards calling out, “Antique Olive … Hobo … Lucida Handwriting – eww!” (when I’m not calling out cloud shapes, but that’s for another time). I will be looking at ads or editorial pieces in magazines and find myself thinking, “Now that’s a bold way to use Nueva, it always seems like such a feminine typeface.”

I’m not just one that can remember certain fonts names and recall them on the spot, I must also collect as many of them as possible. Being financially challenged, I love a good giveaway or freebie (Twitter has proven to be the best place for those). I have also been blessed to join in and share the burden of purchasing some collections (multi-users/multi-licensed products are so cost effective!).

In fact, I only have 6,000+ fonts on my laptop but at work, I have 6,000+ just in one sub folder in Suitcase Fusion! I actually have to force quit Suitcase in order to open any Microsoft Office applications. Otherwise, they just get stuck trying to optimize. That’s why I am never on iChat as soon as I get to work – it takes 15 minutes just to get me up and running  =)

I could go on and on buzzing in your ear about fonts, but I fear some of you will check out soon, so let me ask you: What’s your addiction?

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  1. March 22, 2010 12:12 pm

    Sounds like you have a bit too many fonts active at one time. Office builds its font lists at startup, so if you have a ton active, it needs to build those font menus. It would take the same amount of time if you had all of those fonts in your system font folder. I recommend having only the fonts that you need in your office documents active when you launch Office.

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