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Handling Situations – The Dreaded Basic Layout

March 10, 2010

Ever have a job that you try to make fun, or make “better” by giving the client more than they asked for only to be told they’d rather have a basic layout (think black box with white type)? Welcome to my world. I won’t give specifics (because I don’t want to hurt feelings) but I have come across this situation more than a few times.

Is it because I work with a lot of “Mom & Pop” type businesses? Is it because people have no vision? Is it because people with computers think Paint, Word and Publisher are actual design programs?

I don’t have the answers – I have my opinions – and I’m pretty sure you can read my thoughts  =)

Inevitably, the message will come. “…that’s nice but can you remove the background, change the type to Arial and add a black box to the header. How about a double border too?”

Once that email is marked as read, I sit back and take three deep breaths. Depending on the client I may try to convince them why their suggestions aren’t always the right direction for the project. Otherwise, I just do what they ask – afterall, the client is always right. Often I ask my coordinator, “Is it wrong that I don’t want my name associated with this?” She just laughs it off but those jobs always end with a silent scream.

Do you utilize the silent scream? Do you throw items? Do you cringe? If you find yourself in this type of situation, what do YOU do?


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